Manhattanites Push Back Against ‘Transgender’ Agenda

Over the past few years, Americans have begun to push back against the “transgender” agenda. In the political arena, that pushback has led to the passage of dozens of state laws. The primary focus of those laws has been twofold: Protecting young people against “transgender” medical treatments and protecting the integrity and safety of girls’ sports.

The pushback against transgenderism is apparent here in the state of New York as well. In February, Nassau County Executive Bruce Blakeman issued an executive order requiring that women’s and girls’ sports teams refrain from allowing males to participate in sporting events held on county-owned property. Blakeman reportedly made this decision following complaints from parents and from female athletes about “transgender” sports participation.

More recently, a group of brave New Yorkers did their part to challenge “transgender” dogma and its impact upon female athletes. On March 20, 2024, Community Education Council 2 voted 8-3 to pass a resolution asking that New York City Public Schools (NYCPS) form a Gender Guidelines review committee to review current guidelines on “transgender” sports participation and analyze their impact on female athletes. (According to the New York Daily News, existing New York City guidelines allow “transgender” students to play on sports teams that correspond to their supposed gender identities rather than their biological sex.) The Community Education Council (CEC) resolution, known as Resolution #248, further asked that the proposed committee be authorized “to propose amendments, changes and additions to the Gender Guidelines which are the result of an inclusive, evidence-based process concerning the impact on female athletes when the category of sex is replaced by gender identity.”

Resolution #248 makes a persuasive argument. The resolution points out that as recently as 2006, the New York City Public Advocate found “a significant bias in the offerings of sports opportunities in favor of boys and against girls” in New York City schools. In 2009, NYCPS faced a potential lawsuit because of its alleged disparate treatment of girls’ sports. Given these realities, it would seem wise to be concerned about the potential impact of “transgender” sports participation on female athletes. However, Resolution #248 asserts that “the well-documented importance of sports participation in academic success, mental health, physical health, or socio-emotional well being of girls was never considered, discussed or publicly addressed when replacing the category of biological sex with gender identity in the NYCPS sports programming.”

In response to the CEC’s eminently reasonable request, left-wing New York City officials and their allies spewed forth an array of venomous lies. Manhattan Borough President Mark Levine called the CEC’s action “‘disgusting’” and accused the CEC of “‘waging a culture war on our most vulnerable kids, in an effort to win attention in right wing media.’” A group of LGBT elected officials, including Sen. Brad Hoylman-Sigal (D-Manhattan), found it “‘utterly shocking that such a regressive and harmful resolution is being proposed in a school district that covers much of Manhattan.’” One professor of education at a New York City college went completely over the edge, calling the resolution “‘a legally meaningless, hateful, and discriminatory action that subjects gender nonconforming students and adults to increased risks of bullying, violence, and suicide.’”

As a general matter, Americans are a freedom-loving people. Frequently, Americans will even allow others the freedom to make choices with which they themselves disagree. However, many Americans draw the line at allowing transgenderism to be imposed on young people. Last year, a Gallup poll showed that 69% of Americans believe that “transgender” persons should be permitted to play only on sports teams that correspond with their sex. Interestingly, the poll indicated that the percentage of Americans who held this belief had increased since 2021.

New York Families Foundation applauds Community Education Council 2 for having the courage to pass Resolution #248. Although it is extraordinarily unlikely that New York City Public Schools will change its policy, the fact that this group of parents and other concerned citizens in deep-blue New York City have raised questions about the current policy’s impact upon female athletes is a victory in and of itself.


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